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Available Services

Fertility massage

Fertility massage is a proven method to improve blood flow and organ function in the abdomen and pelvis and to balance the endocrine system. It can be used, for example, in the event of menstrual irregularities after childbirth,  if you are seeking for a pregnancy, or by hormone fluctuations during the menopause.

Rebozo Massage 

The Rebozo Massage is used during pregnancy as a pain-relieving and relaxing massage for the back, lower back, buttocks and pelvic floor. 

Pregnancy Counseling

We offer personalized meetings to prepare for your journey to become a family.

We answer all your questions regarding pregnancy and birth by offering support to couples who have recently moved to Germany.

Post natal visits

We will give you and your baby support with our post natal visits. We check the health of you and your baby, support your breastfeeding and giving professional information about the post partum time. We work using the emergency concept for the early postpartum period, for families who have not found a midwife. We focus primarily on the city of Neuss (city center, Furth, Vogelsang) and Düsseldorf (Flingern, Derendorf).

Birth preparation massage

The pre-birth massage is part of the Dr. Gowri Motha developed gentle birth method. The massage stimulates the blood circulation in the entire pelvic area, tension can be gently released and blockages removed. The best prerequisite for a natural birth. The pre-birth massage takes place in Marien Hospital (Düsseldorf) from the 37th week of pregnancy.

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